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Mid Sussex Older People’s Council (MSOPC) is a local charity who aims to reduce loneliness and isolation, and helps to open the lines of communication between older residents and the local authorities.

Doing more for the older people in Mid Sussex

MSOPC organises events and activities throughout Mid Sussex, from social events to development and learning. We also provide support and advice.

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Some of the lovely messages we have received from friends in the past

Louise Burgess Hill
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Thank you for the helpline numbers you printed in your April Newsletter. I am one of the many people being asked to stay at home I do not have family living near by. And am one of those people having to stay at home, as I am also waiting for surgery. “Thank you for all your help”
MargaretBurgess Hill
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Enclosed is a small donation to MSOPC funds. My husband has been in hospital since we last talked. It was not Covid connected. Thank Goodness. Such a lot has happened, we now have Carer’s who come in night & morning. We have had so much help from yourselves in the Older People’s Council getting shopping done and other such things. Hope you are all keeping well and the Council thriving.
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To all the Team at MSOPC First of all thank you for all you do. I am unable to take advantage of all the social events you have. But it is good to know you are there. I enclose a small donation to your funds for all the newsletters. Which I always receive and read. Once again it is good to hear from you. Happy New Year to everyone.
JudithHaywards Heath
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Thank you for the MSOPC Updates of helpful contacts. I hope you are all keeping well
Mrs H.W
Mrs H.WBurgess Hill
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Dear All at MSOPC, What a wonderful surprise, “Thank you for the lovely gift bag for Silver Sunday” Very many thanks it is lovely. The letter inside from Josh made my day, please pass on my thanks to his school Teacher
Margaret & Michael
Margaret & MichaelBurgess Hill
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Dear Barbara, The lovely Goodie bag I received today, thank you so much for nominating me. It was such a nice thing to have during these most difficult times and to know that others are remembering you. Please give my thanks to all involved. A good kind deed by all.
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Happy Christmas to the Team at MSOPC for the lovely Hamper which you delivered to my home It was a very kind thought and gratefully appreciated.
GBHaywards Heath
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Dear All at MSOPC what a surprise when my dear neighbour brought round the beautifully presented Xmas Hamper. May your excellent work continue
Roy & Jill
Roy & JillHaywards Heath
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To all at MSOPC. We want to thank you all for the lovely hamper which we received today. Seasons Greetings and best wishes.
AnnHaywards Heath
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I am writing to say thank you for the lovely hamper which was delivered by Barbara yesterday. I have never won anything in my life before. I was so thrilled with the gifts in the hamper. Can’t wait to try everything. Thank you everyone who do such a lot of hard work for the elderly. Wishing you a very Happy Xmas and New Year.
DiBurgess Hill
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To all the team at MSOPC Thank you so much for the lovely Hamper, P (husband) would have been so pleased because he rarely won anything. Hope you all have a Happy Christmas in spite of everything.
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Dear MSOPC Thank you so much for the welcome hamper which arrived this morning it was beautifully packed and a lot of care had obviously gone into the selection and decoration. It lifted my spirits. Thank you.
JoadBurgess Hill
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Christmas Hamper, Dear Barbara. Kindly thank all the folk that made this gift possible. I was delighted to receive it and can only say thank you. I know only too well the time and thought that goes into such an exercise. I say again thank you all that made this treat possible.
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To MSOPC. I would like to thank you all for the lovely hamper I received from you it was a lovely and nice surprise. A Happy Christmas to you all.
JulieBurgess Hill
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To all the organisers and volunteers, Thank you for putting on such a fun event at Burgess Hill yesterday. All the people who manned the stalls (sorry that’s not PC now) were so knowledgeable about their clubs and put on lovely displays, and the hands-on crafts were excellent. Karla’s exercise session was brilliant and Leila’s beautiful voice kept us all entertained. Last, but certainly not least, the lunch was delicious, as usual. Thank you again for a great event.

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